How to create gacha or lootbox system

I wanna create a simple gacha or lootbox system. Just a simple one is fine, just like this . I created a random number generator and think thats like the root of the project im planning to start. Please help and thank you so much

you already figured it out, just need to make sure your random numbergenerator is set accordingly. There are easy to find examples on how to make your random number generator suit your needs, you dont have to invent it from scratch. Looking at the site you linked, you can set the generator roll 1-100(or simply work with the number Math.random() returns which us 0-0.99) and depending what number you get, you update the result. For example, for a chance of 3%, you can apply it if the number is 1-3(or 98-100). This is as complex as the logic would go(if i read the challenge correct), the rest is simple HTML/CSS page. Im not sure what help you require exactly.

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