How to create GIT url

Hi guys! Can someone please explain how to create URL address in git hub .
Seems like it doesnt syncronyse css into HTML. and bring up just html.

Many thanks

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I apologise, but I am not quite understanding what you are asking. Are you looking to turn your repo into a GitHub Page? Or is it something esle?

hello @nhcarrigan

Thats the requirment in my course "Please provide the URL, pointing to the folder that contains the solution for this assignment. For example, http:/ / "

but when i load the link it only comes up with HTML no style or css file.

So is it supposed to be a link to a live webpage? Or a link to the repository so they can read the code?


is just for some reason it doesn’t open properly page :frowning:

There are a few things that could be going wrong, but without a link to look at your code I can only make some guesses.

Your HTML includes the line to load the CSS in the <head> tags, right?

Occassionally Github doesn’t build commits to the page right away - on one instance I actually had to force it.

Like I said, without actually seeing the repo, I’m just guessing.

thats my still new and common mistake of not spotting own silly mistake! thanks very much :pray: :pray: :pray:

Am good at some but not good at other things! new beginner of coding :slight_smile:
thank you @nhcarrigan

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I’m glad I could help!