How to create image URL of our image?

How to create image URL of our image. I am having a website, i don’t want to use any other website or tool. I want to create by myself.

Can you show us the HTML of what you have so far?

you need to update the image online
in your case it seems you want to have it included with the website files, so you upload it with the website, and use a relative url to reach the picture

Well, it depends on how you want to do it. because there are so many options. Let say it a blog like tutorials-camp and you accept guest post from other bloggers.

What you can do is that You set up a folder in your project server that will accept all images files and then query all the post to your database together with the image name.

Then finally to display this image with the post in your website, make a database query of the image name stored on your database and just add the path to the source atribute.

it really simple. but it maily depends on how you want to go about it.

I am beginner, i don’t know much.
Thanks for reply

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