How to create locally editable content like in MDN?

This is what I meant:

I need a way that works without internet on a local Wordpress installation, hence can’t really just embed a codepen.

Have you ever looked for a plugin for wordpress? There are several plugins for codesnippets. You can install the plugin in the local wordpress environment.

You know a code highlight plugin is not remotely near to what I’m after… and yes I have already looked for a plugin that actually has a code sandbox, where I can live edit the code and haven’t found it, but most likely is because I’m not searching for the right keywords, hence I’m asking here.

it should be an in-browser editor, like the one that has freecodecamp - freeCodeCamp uses monaco editor

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Thanks! Well I keep searching but cant find something like an embed codepen but local /with no internet. I did find monaco but seems to be different.

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