How to create table row in js and append it to a table

Note: When i run this code i am getting this error
Uncaught TypeError: tbl.appendChild is not a function
** at createTable (script.js:26)**
** at script.js:33**

 function createTable() {
 	var tbl = document.getElementsByTagName('table');

    var tblbdy = document.createElement('tbody');

    for (var i = 0; i <= 99; i++){

      var tblrw = document.createElement('tr');

      for (var j = 0; j <= 7; j++){

        var tbltd = document.createElement('td');
        var tbldata = document.createTextNode(j);








That appendChild-function is not a function for tbl-object.
ie: tbl doesn’t have that function.
In such cases make a console.log and then you got that it is a htmlcollection-object.
You can try to access the first element of the collection like this:tbl[0].appendChild.

Info: you created tbl with getElementsByTagName, but you can have more than one table on a page so that collection is required by js.

Thanks for your review.

Can i solve this issue by creating tbl with getElementsById ?