How to deal with demotivation and distraction while studying?

Last we I lost my grandma, she died of cancer, since I lost her, I feel demotivated , the place where I live is noisy and I can’t be focused on freecodecamp challenges. Could you some tips I can deal with it.

give yourself time
You have been through a terrible thing, give yourself time
You don’t have to be at 100% always

If you can do something fine, if you can’t give yourself the time off you need

give yourself time


I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. I’d definitely recommend taking some time off, there’s no shame in it.
If you feel that doing FCC can be of help, then I’d recommend getting some noise cancelling headphones. Put on some rain sounds since they’re natural and not too distracting perhaps, or music if you aren’t easily distracted by your own. If hearing noise at all is distracting there are noise cancelling earplugs meant for worksites that should work well too.
Demotivation happens to all of us for different reasons. I’m sorry it had to be loss in particular. Please don’t be to hard on yourself for it making it harder to focus on FCC.


@ilenia Thank your for wise words, I will overcome my demotivation.

@MoisesHernandez Thank you for you wise advice my friend.

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