How to deal with really frustrating recruiters?


In my area according to a recruiter I talked to, the market calls for candidates with 2-3 years of professional development experience (his words). I seem to have fallen into that place where there isn’t opportunity to gather professional development experience.

So how do I gather relevant experience? I had an idea, to work at a job and see if there is any process I can improve with coding. Is there anything else I can do? Maybe volunteer work or an internship? And to let it be clear, I am unable to move from where I live to a different, more open market.

Build up your experience by building things on your own or contributing to open source. If you consistently are working on development, then you can fairly say that you have development experience - even if it isn’t professional experience.

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I did mention that. And it seems like it wasn’t enough. Maybe it was just the recruiter?

Probably. Some recruiters don’t listen, others don’t know your market, others just suck. Plenty of other recruiters out there who will do a better job.

It depends. Probably the employer is the one who has determined the requirements as well as how important each one is. Some employers might consider someone with 2-3 years of consistent open source contributions as a replacement for 2-3 years “professional experience”. Others may be willing to consider someone without professional experience if they have a really great portfolio. Some require professional experience in a particular field while others are open to someone who has done work that included some coding even if it wasn’t a development job.

Saying the recruiter is frustrating is kinda unfair, the guy is just doing his job and telling you “he’s got no job for you”. You cant blame him for the market.

Lets be realistic, employers need to pay a recruiter 1-4k for one candidate. they wont pay that for a none-exp / junior position. junior rarely. medior/senior often. So yes, for the recruiters market, candidates need to have 2-3y’s of exp.

What you need to do: Get enough exp to get a traineeship ur junior position urself. If you cant get it, there is just not enough demand in the market for ur exp-lvl. its that simple. then you got 2 options: get better, or move to another market.