How to Define the Head and Body of an HTML Document


I can’t valid or check this last exercice (28/28) of “Basic HTML and HTML5”. I’d like to have the certification, but every parts have to be checked online…
Is it an indentation issue or something else ?

<!DOCTYPE html>

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Challenge: Define the Head and Body of an HTML Document

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Hello! i guess you should just do what they said , i mean you should let the text and the title that they did
now it’s better to reset all code and add what they’ve asked you to add

Hi hodd , like mehdimasmar said, reset the challenge and make a basic structure of an HTML document nesting the title element within a head tag and adding an h1 element with any content within a body element, hope that hepls!

Your code is correct, so it’s an issue with your browser. Disabling extensions often works, or you could try a different browser.

Thanks a lot ! It works on chrome :partying_face: