How to develop my own backend node.js for video conferencing

anyone share some idea how I can implemented my own server in node.js for
Video conferencing. How to learn it? I know how to create a node server for real time chat application ( text message) . I am JavaScript developer. I don’t want to use any third party api. I want to learn if it is implemented by UDP protocol. If it is, want to implement by myself somehow. To do that, I need some video tutorials or documents. Please help me.

You might want to check out WebRTC:

Thank you for sharing this. Just a small look at fast and understand that pusher is the module that has to be imported to our project to do it. If pusher, I will dig into source code of pusher.

Pusher is a hosted service, you can’t dig into the source code. (backend, written in C++) (backend & frontend)

And there are a few others.

Note that WebRTC has flaws (one of them basically makes it unusable in certain contexts – it broadcasts your real IP address in some browsers even if you are on a VPN), may not be an issue though.

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Oh I see, how to implemented my own api for this without using any third party api or hosted service. Can you help me with any related documents to learn that. I hope we can do it with UDP protocol. If it can be implemented by using UDP protocol, how to implement that. I want to learn that too.Please help me DanCouper.

Seems to be. The node-webrtc package I linked in the last post seems to be what people like reading a few other similar questions/answers. Also, if you.can restrict it to Chrome, that seems easier as it has some chrome-specific APIs that make it easier. I don’t know much about it beyond the basic principles and what I’ve just read though

WebRTC seems to have dropped off significantly last few years afaics; the open real-time messaging protocols all seem to have this issue :man_shrugging:t3: – every time, one of the major vendors throws its weight behind a protocol for a few years, then cools interest, then stuff atrophies

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