How to develop the app?

Hey guys,

Couple of days ago I got into heated discussion on slack regarding how you should build your app. How and from where to start. Do you go from back to front or from front to back and what would be the implementations and risks.

My point of view:

To test/learn framework/new language/feature: I just mock up really quick UI with pen and paper and define basic user cases. Then I start building the really basic front end/static version of the app. Then I do the business logic, depending on my questions/user cases.

To build an app/website: This usually happens in a team environment for me. But we first get what our client wants, then try to create the designs/user cases for the client and finalize this part. After that designer builds the UI and, once approved by client, sends to me and I start building, with the same logic: static version, then adding business logic. If there’re things that needs back end integration (like CMS integration) I build that feature along the way. So, it’s more like feature based approach. Developing block by block: static version, add backend if required, test it, move to the next block.

How do you guys do your development? For your own projects, for clients, in a team?

Also, feel free to share the links for some books and articles on this subject.

The reason why I started this topic is that I noticed couple of questions from fellow campers on what to do next after learning JS, CSS or being un motivated. I hope, real life examples of development tools used and how and when we use them would really benefit all of us.