How to do more practice

I don’t know much about coding yet… I have just started. I am wondering what kind of program would be good to download so I can practice more elements on my own outside of free code camp?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

You need to find your bash terminal and then setup an editor, like VSC or Atom. Then you need to start writing things. I’d suggest looking for some youtube videos to get you going. Yes, it’s difficult to get started and there will be some false starts. But there’s not easy way.

MDN is your new bible
Learn how HTTP works
watch this video - how to think like a programmer

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Build something.
Pick a website, and copy it from scratch.
Or offer to redo someone’s current website for free (they will take the offer if its free)
Best of luck friend

I like this advice. I am actually in the process of rebuilding my wife’s employer’s home page because it is just so crappy. I doubt I will ever share it with them. It will just give me the satisfaction of knowing that I can do a better job then they can.

You’d be surprised, ask them if they want a new webpage.
And it’s free to display on your resume

Thanks for all te replies! I really appreciate it :slight_smile: