How to do pair programming own my own?

I heard the benefits of pair programming and wondering How to do to pair programming as I am alone to do it.

Post something like “Hey, anyone want to do pair programming with me?”, I’m sure you would find peer!

You aren’t all that alone - you’re here, on the forums, with all of us!

Pair programming is a powerful educational tool. It is one more resource, like this forum, or the various related groups (for example, the unofficial FCC discord group). I will often get involved in a group coding exercise, whether stepping into one already running, or setting one up to demonstrate a point.

The trick is, though, to have a purpose. Whenever I’ve gotten involved in a pair, it’s because someone is working on a lesson or a challenge or something, and they’ve gotten stuck. They’ll ask for help, and for some reason, simply explaining “do this, then do this, then that should happen” isn’t working out. So a shared coding session, taking them step by step through the solution, is an option.

But it needs to have a reason. If you find yourself working on a particularly challenging problem, and you aren’t seeing the solution, post a question here on the forums, and maybe include “I’m really not getting this, I’d be interested in pairing on the solution, if someone has the time.” Get involved in a coding chat, whether on discord or gitter or other chat means, and ask the question there as well.

Get in touch with the freeCodeCamp group in Manchester!

They have two study group meetups every month where you can pair program with other freeCodeCampers :grinning:

Don’t be nervous if you’re just starting out – experienced coders love to help new coders out!