How to do social login

I wish to do social signup and authentication where a user can sign up using a social account and access the dashboard, and if he does not have a social account he will be able to sign up for one using his email.

dashboard should display his name, email, and a photo if there is one.

He also has the ability to update these details.
On response If an email already exists in the system it will log the user in. If the email does not exist a new account will be created.

If passwordless and if he does not have a social account he should also be able to sign in without having to go back to his email and copy and paste the generated code or needing to click on magic link every time.

I know how to do registration and login with email and passoword but am being told this is obsolete.

what happened to the authenticate with passport why is it not on the curriculum? is there a recommended video tutorial on how to set up a registration and login system using auth0 api?

I just searched for ‘auth0 javascript’ and got some real good links explaining how to do this. Heck, there’s even a github repo set up with JS examples. And there is an entire web site devoted to this very subject.

You’ve got almost unlimited resources at your fingertips through your favorite search engine. One of the requirements for any developer is to know how to find the information you are looking for and then reading through that information to figure out how to use it. I’m confident you can do that.

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Ive found this:

I will make it into a public repo.