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I completed all the work leading up to the project but I’m not clear as to what I am supposed to do when I pull up the project in code pen. Instructions indicate to verify certain code is written “user story” and it’s there but what I am suppose to do next?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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HI @AmandaGypsy !

Welcome to the forum!

Your task is to build a tribute page to someone or something using html and css.
You can build a tribute page on an animal, cartoon character, a celebrity, etc.

Once you choose a subject, then you need to include the following things:

  • a title
  • an image of the subject centered in the middle of the page
  • some text describing the image
  • a short bio for the subject
  • a link to learn more about the subject

You will be building this project from scratch.

This is the completed sample.

That is meant to give you an idea of what you can create.
But the options are limitless.
The goal is not to recreate or copy the sample.
The goals is to build your own project from scratch and incorporate those elements I brought up earlier.

You can build out your project in something called codepen and submit the url when you are done.
If you have experience with building in a local code editor like VS Code and want to use that instead, that is fine. You will just need to deploy your project somewhere using something like GitHub pages.
But most people choose, codepen because it is easier to get started for beginners.
If you want to learn more about how to use codepen, then read through this beginner article.

In the real world of development, user stories are features that need to be included in the project for a client.
For the tribute page, you have 9 user stories that need to be included in the project for the submission to be accepted.

The first step is to create a free codepen account, and use this template
This template has the test suite that you need to check and make sure you are passing the tests correctly.

Start by building out the HTML and tackling one user story at a time.
Periodically run the test suite to check which stories are passing.
If are stuck on a user story, click on the red test button, open up the test suite and read the error messages.

Also, you can ask the forum for help or looking through previous forum posts for hints.
Once you pass all of the user stories, then you can design the page to your liking.

Hope all of that helps!

Thank you so much! Now I understand completely!

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