How to ensure compatibility without using framework

Hi everyone, i made a test webpage and i noticed the page is different between chrome and firefox and so i am here to ask if there is any way to ensure compatibility (both cross browser and cross device) without using any framework.

Is there any “trick” to do that?

So, what do you do to ensure the compatibility to webpages?


(btw i don’t think i can post the page here because i have very limited bandwidth since i have the “free account”)

when following the lessons w3schools and fcc has it widley explained which elements our objects supports what.

The website is not always identical between chrome and firefox, everything is supported but not displayed the same.
Is there any way to make the site displays identical between firefox and chrome? (without using any framework)

Some examples of the differences would help. Post some examples.


You can see the difference,

In the right photo there is a small gap at the bottom of the button while the left is fine. (in the mozilla is fine while in the chrome it’s not)

there are some properties that are compatible only with specific browser, or the implementaton differ, or things

this could be an interesting read:

The almost foolproof approach is cross browser testing, where you test against multiple different types of browsers and versions. Generally this requires using some online tool/software (like browserstack that costs $, is complex, and usually is overkill for smaller projects.

As said above there are differences in browsers so not everything works everywhere. The major browsers are all getting much better on this front, but there are still edge cases.

You can take steps to ensure your code works the same on multiple browsers by following best practices for what your doing (mdn is a good reference, linked above) or use a framework that can help you build better cross platform code.

There isn’t a magic way to make your code just work on all browsers. There are standards out there, but there are always edge cases.