How to enter into a textbox after update dropdown

Totally new to this!
Trying to fill an extra 2 textboxes with additional information after I have selected from a dropdown box.
The dropdown box comes from a .xml file
Sample Attached

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> LNAME1, FNAME1-4W 11-222-333 600 LNAME2, FNAME2-4W 22-333-444 600

My Coding so far

Using jQuery and XML to populate a drop-down box demo
            type: "GET",
            url: "Test.xml",
            dataType: "xml",
            success: function(xml) {
                var select = $('#mySelect');


                        //$('Name', xml).each(function(){
                            var value1 = $(this).text();

                            select.append("<option class='ddindent' value='"+ value1 +"'>"+value1+"</option>");

                    select.children(":first").text("Select PDC Student").attr("selected",true);
                } //sucess close
    <h2>PDC Student Listing</h2>
    <img src="My_Logo.jpg" alt="Logo Here" width="80" height="80"/>
	<input name="Text1" type="text" />
    <div id="page-wrap">
    <select id="mySelect">

Just cannot get the 2 textboxes working

Can someone assist?

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