How to evaluate my learning progress?

Hi :slight_smile:

I started learning to code on January 4th, 2019. FCC seemed like a good place to start and it was. In the past two months I managed to get the responsive web design certification (although I am not really satisfied by the outputs and I am thinking of reworking on them and adding JS… but that’s another story) and the JS algorithms and data structure one. I have also been taking the CS50 intro to computer science on edx, following the lectures and working all the problem sets. And it sure is a good stretch for the mind and it is helping me understand key concepts about programming.

I feel that I am progressing, but slowly. Really slowly… and I am starting to have these doubts that maybe I am not on the right track, that I am not learning the right way.

This is really the tricky part about self teaching yourself to code: You are the one creating your curriculum and taking it at the same time…

How do you guys evaluate your progress? and what are some tips to deal with these doubts, this feeling of being an imposter?

You’ve been studying for less than 2 months. Think of anything else you’ve learned and where you were after just 2 months. Music, a language, skateboarding, chess, whatever. You’re learning a lot during those early months, but you’re also just getting the foundations. Don’t worry about progress yet. You know that you’re putting in the work and learning the fundamentals.

If it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert in anything, and you work:
40 hrs/wk * 50 wks/yr = 2000 hrs/yr, you should become an expert in 5 years of full-time employment. You do not need to be an expert to get started. Mess around. Try things and break stuff. Kick the tires. Try, above all. Every 100 hours gets your power level up 1%. You are absolutely doing the right thing - taking a real computer science course is critical at some point, and IMHO, the sooner the better. Be patient and keep building things, no matter how small. Every time you get frustrated and learn something new is the mental equivalent of muscle soreness. The only way out is through. That being said, it’s very important to know how to look for answers. If you’re stuck and MDN/Stackoverflow/ in general is not helping out, then go ask someone (SO, this forum, your discord/whatever chat app for the CS50 cohort you’re in). Trying by yourself first is critical, but it’s important to recognize that you might be trying to scale a cliff bare-handed. You might not be able to gauge the size of the problem, and that’s when more-experienced people can be of great benefit. No one minds helping someone who has done the legwork. You seem like you’re pretty self-directed. Keep that up, and you’ll find great mentors along the way.

In short - you’re doing great: don’t stop.