How to Find a Remainder in JavaScript

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var remainder;

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if you don’t tell us what’s happening we can’t help you

Research is always a good thing. The devdocs web site is a very important one to bookmark, as there’s a WEALTH of great information there.

In this particular case, you’re looking for an arithmetic operator. Specifically, one for the remainder. Take a look on this page: and keep an eyeball peeled for “remainder”.

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i don’t know how to do it

You should set 11 % 3 to var remainder; like this:
var remainder = 11 % 3;

So it give you the reminder. In this case, the reminder of 11 is 2.

The reminder operator give the reminder of the division of two numbers.

And also, with the reminder operator, you can check if a number is even or odd, by checking a number by % 2.

  • If the reminder is 0, the number is even,
  • If the reminder is 1, the number is odd.

thank you so much sir

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Sure! Good luck!