How to find href value?

most challenges has a solution in the guide, if one wants to copy and paste
or one can just go to next challenge from the list of challenges

doesn’t matter how many explenations or suggestions, if one can arrive to the solution, it’s better for their learning process

Hey @ilenia. I edited my solution and only gave the code that should be changed. Is the edit enough?

please do not post solutions without blurring them

Then I better delete the post.

last time I had to explain a thing step by step I did this

it’s in italian, but you can see the code progression

Hey @ilenia. I did the same at post 2. And he said that he understood. But he came later and told me that he did not understand. Still, I tried to give him hints only and not the full solution. Still, he could’nt understand. So, at last, with no other choice I gave him the solution. I will delete the spoiler code because I think it is unnecessary as he marked the post 2 as solution.
So, what should I do, delete or edit?

I couldn’t see any replies from you, so I deleted the spoiler post. I will not post full solutions in the future. Thanks :blush: