How to find people to collaborate on projects?

Hey everybody. A discussion at work yesterday got me thinking about side projects and self-taught devs. If you’ve started a side project, did you want or get other people to work on it with you? How did you find them? What were you looking for in someone to work with?

I’m thinking of how to help new developers find people (both experienced or also learning) to work on projects that they are mutually interested in. Whether for fun or to try and get a job, I think working on team projects is incredibly beneficial and would love to have a discussion about it. Thanks!

Chingu has an excellent program for creating remote web developer teams of people looking to boost their skill sets and create cool projects that will enhance their portfolios. I’ve done two voyages so far and have learned a lot each time.

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That’s an awesome tool. What were some of your favorite things about it? What would you do to improve that experience?

What I really liked about it was the community. They bring everyone together through a Discord server with a variety of channels for different types of discussions, including a private team channel. Administrators provide excellent support and are very encouraging, which seems to create a very positive vibe among participants, many of whom are quite new to coding.

To improve the experience, I would first start with myself; I have to admit that I haven’t made the most of the opportunities provided there. Next time around, I’ll have to make sure that we spend more time planning and not just winging it.