How to find the maximum element among numbers located in different paragraphs <p>

	<p class="one" id="p_1" name="p_1">3</p>
	<p class="one" id="p_2" name="p_2">7</p>
	<p class="one" id="p_3" name="p_3">2</p>
	<p class="one" id="p_4" name="p_4">4</p>
	<p class="one" id="p_5" name="p_5">1</p>

	<button onclick="findMax()">findMax</button>
	<script type="text/javascript">
		function findMax(){
			const elems = document.querySelectorAll('.one');
			elems.forEach(function(val, index) {
	    	elems[index].textContent = index+1;

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querySelectorAll gives you a list of DOM elements (following isn’t code, just a description of what you have)

[p_1, p_2, p_3, p_4, p_5]

For each of those elements, you are setting the textContent to the index + 1, so

p_1 -> index 0 -> set to 1
p_2 -> index 1 -> set to 2
p_3 -> index 2 -> set to 3
p_4 -> index 3 -> set to 4
p_5 -> index 4-> set to 5

So you get

<p class="one" id="p_1" name="p_1">1</p>
<p class="one" id="p_2" name="p_2">2</p>
<p class="one" id="p_3" name="p_3">3</p>
<p class="one" id="p_4" name="p_4">4</p>
<p class="one" id="p_5" name="p_5">5</p>

You aren’t looking at what the value is at all (ie the textContent of each element), you’re just replacing it with a number based on the index (afaics, you have no need to even know what the index is, it’s not relevant)