How to find the meaning of Programming terms

How to find the meaning of programming terms in google? Some of the answers I found on google were giving examples of the term used but not giving the defintion of the term. Sometimes the answers on google can just have another word used which I do not understand. An example of a a programming term that I do not understand is execute. The word execute means run. Run means execute. That is confusing for me. I need another word for run and another word for execute so I can understand what those 2 terms mean.

Yeah, can only say its going to be that way sometimes. ‘Run’ isnt really a programming specific term, its a generic term, so if English is not familiar to you, then yeah, you will find yourself doing a bit of extra work to find out what words mean when you come across a definition you arent familiar with.

For your example though, to execute ie to run something means to put it into motion. Like, a really common phrase is “run the washing machine” it means hit the start button so that the machine will turn on and begin washing clothes. In programming, once you write a program, it does nothing until you actually set it into motion to start reading your code and follow the instructions youve written out for it to do…thats what executing, or running the code is. I hope that helps a bit?

By the way…I did a bit of searching for dictionary terms and found one that might help you… it lists the terms with really good examples, for run it says “if you run a program, you make it operate” and more examples below it, like when a car engine is running, that means the engine is operating…in other words, its actively working.

Anyway, heres the dictionary, it might help you with other terms you come across too.