How to fix contents inside a div

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a blog template for a friend and I’m coming up with some struggles in terms of element positioning.

I’ll pass a screenshot to make myself clear:

My intention here is to fix the CONTINUAR A LER text to the bottom of the card, independently of the size of the other elements (title and post preview).
However, I don’t have a clue on how I could achieve this, as I have already tried to fix it’s position, but it will remove the element from the normal flow and, thus, will not recognize any other element as the parent.

Well, my final intention will be to limit the total ammount of words that the snippet can contain according to the size of the title, which must always be totally displayed. So, if you have any advice towards this goal, I would totally appreciate it.

Best regards and happy coding!

Can you provide a link to your current code so we can test the code out and try to figure out a solution?