How to fix my github repo?

I recently started learning about android development and I used Android studio to code and push my codes.

I forked a group repo and have been coding and pushed to my branch. I also merged to the main branch every time I finished developing a component(or function). Everything sounds and looks fine until I tried to switch to main branch to run the codes, I noticed that I did not merge in the right way and messed up the codes.

I did not run the codes every time after I merged to main branch so I did not know there were issues. Both the main branch and my own branch
have a lot of commits already.

To be honest, I ran out of ideas of how to fix my repo since there are too many commits(that have issues) to my main and my own branch. Therefore, I want to see if there is a simple way to make a copy of my codes currently in my own branch saved in my local machine so that maybe I can push it to a new repo.

Which local branch do you feel has the most of the changes you want to keep?

What is the link to the GitHub repo?

here is the link

the local branch I have been working on is Jeff2 but I noticed that my remote branch is messed up as well, I found that out when I cloned it to a new folder and ran it.

I think it will be more complicated if trying to trace back and troubleshoot step by step, so I think easiest way is to find a way to make a copy of the codes that I am currently working on for my own branch (Jeff2) in my machineā€¦