How to fix this multi-layer router problem?

<Route className='display' path='/robbin/home' element={}/> <Route className='display'path='/robbin/about' element={}/> <Route className='display'path='/robbin/source' element={}/> <Route className='homebranch' path='/robbin/home/news' element={}/> <Route className='homebranch' path='/robbin/home/message' element={}/>

Here are my router and and router’s parent router.
But I got an error message like this:

You rendered descendant (or called useRoutes()) at “/robbin/home” (under ) but the parent route path has no trailing “*”. This means if you navigate deeper, the parent won’t match anymore and therefore the child routes will never render.

Please change the parent to

And After I amened the path (adding ‘/*’ at the end of the path according to the error message), the error is gone, but the router still doesn’t render any route.

How to fix this problen?