How to get 3 things in a line

    float: right;
    float: none;
    float: left;

thats my css

n my html:

           <p class="row1-1 ">3</p>
           <p class="row1-2 ">2</p>
           <p class="row1-3 ">1</p>

how do i get the middle 1 to sit in the center of the pg?

I’d recommend to stay away from float, it’s outdated. And painful.

You probably have a container for your <p> elements like this:

           <p class="row1-1 ">3</p>
           <p class="row1-2 ">2</p>
           <p class="row1-3 ">1</p>

Now just set the div to flex and watch the magic happen:

div {

Take them all in one in to one " div tag " and give a class to " div "
" class= " display-flex"

for further Clean display you add one more class in div like this
class="display-flex align-center" if you are using bootstrap framework if Your not using bootstrap then use this css first add the class to div for styling like class=“display-flex forstyle”`

text-align: center

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