How to get a beginner job as a Developer?

Hello there!
I am Peter Grey from Ireland and I am a junior web developer. I am also learning PHP on this date Feb 2023.
and I have learned all these skills from youtube and some google free courses.
But the reason to get a job, is I think that I am not learning further from this platform anymore so that is why I want to do a job so I get real work experience under the supervision of seniors. But I am not getting a job I came to know that I have to create a good cv and after some digging, I read this article because they claim that they are providing professional cv services, and I create my CV according to their given tips. But they are not web developers so I want your opinion, I know you are all seniors and I am not asking you to create my CV, I just want to know if this article is okay to follow or not.
Link: (Top 10 Tips for Writing a Perfect CV for Ireland)
I would be grateful if you guide me to write a good CV.


Im a little confused. You said you were a junior developer, but you are trying to get a job? Like a different job? Or, you’re wanting to get a job to be a junior developer? Either way, I mean I dont see any real negatives in following the advice the article suggested. How you looked at examples? You can google and find thousands of examples of how others made their resume. You also need more than just a resume to get a job. The resume lets a potential employers see your skills on paper, but you also need to show them what you can actually do. You want to have your projects hosted somewhere so they can go and look at them. Let them see your skills for themselves.

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