How to Get a Coding Job

Free Code Camp will help you prepare for a coding job.

Here are the facts:

  • There are hundreds of thousands of unfilled coding jobs.
  • Employers and the US government have joined together to promote nontraditional coding programs like Free Code Camp.
  • Full stack JavaScript is one of the best paying skill sets, and has a ton of job openings.
  • The best proof that you’re an employable developer is a portfolio filled with real apps that real people are using.

You’ll still need to develop basic interviewing skills and soft skills (if you’ve been working a knowledge-worker type job for a few years, you probably already have these).

You’ll also need to work hard to network with coders in your city. You can do this by joining your city’s Local Group and participating in as many events as possible.

I’ve found this link to be useful. It does a great job of explaining the process.

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