How to Get a Job at the Big 4 - Amazon, Facebook, Google & Microsoft

Here is a pretty cool video i found on google that I think you all will find informative.


Each of these companies should provide extensive resources for job seekers on their own job sites. Also you should be able to get tips by emailing company recruiters directly or meet up with them at campus or industry events.

Wow that was fantastic… I saw how long it was and was only going to watch a lil bit and maybe skip though, and ended up being engaged from the moment he started talking…

I think he makes a really great point though @ppc about hearing something like this from someone who is unbiased…he shares things and puts things in a way that a corporation would never allow themselves to…really candid. I mean, I enjoyed that part of it anyway… And the pregnancy quote was hilarious…I wrote that down (along with his book and website recommendations!)

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Dig into the jobs pages and contact the recruiters for these companies - you’ll get much more reliable and up to date info than what anyone can say on the outside

A lot of companies now give potential candidates a list of study resources - far more extensive and relevant than what this video mentions - also some of these companies have actual live and online prep and orientation sessions for candidates accepted for interviews

Well yeah def, Im not saying this is the only source anyone should look to for info… Makes sense to use the company provided resources and research as much as possible… I get the vibe you’re brushing him off as a bad source of info…Im guessing you have more experience with the companies than he does which of course would be even more insightful I am keeping in mind hes speaking as a college intern and not a full time employee. What are some of the things he said that isnt reliable info / inaccurate?

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I’m saying don’t start with third-party sources - if you really want a job at some company talk to them directly first - these companies are pretty dynamic - their needs and approach can change over couple years - also as you noticed his experience was of college intern interviews - the process for college internships is quite different from other positions

Only a company recruiter can truly say what is accurate or not in this video - it may sound believable, good and fun - that does not make it reliable or relevant to your situation at the moment - the guy at least sounds sincere in relating his opinion and experience - I’d take note of any facts he relates - which btw are very few - and take any other conjecture or opinion with a grain of salt - like reading the mind of what the interviewer wants or does not want

Oh okay… I think I see where youre coming from. Yeah, personally I do see value in reading about the experiences of people who have been through the process themselves and try to offer advice. i appreciate those who turn around and share what it was like for them.

But of course yeah, I do understand the point of view to take personal experiences with a grain of salt. Some people may not care to hear about experiences and only info directly from a company matters to them, while others may find the additional insight from someone who is where they want to be interesting…Im one of those people lol I love reading success stories in the Get a Job section here and appreciate those who give back to the community. No two experiences are exactly the same, its all just stuff to take into consideration…if one is into that sort of thing.

Its not a big deal…just a matter of perception.

@ppc just to clarify, he does have other type of interview experience other than internships. At the end of the video, he says he will returning to Amazon for a full time position. This indicates that he did pass the actual interview apart from interns.

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Indeed, he mentioned that both him and his friend he studied interviews with ended up landing full time positions at Amazon. Out of curiosity I looked at his LinkedIn and he did go on to work at Amazon after graduation in 2015.

I mean, regardless… its like you said ppc, take opinions with a grain of salt…we share different opinions of this guy and thats no big. I mean, I really have no idea but seems your experience interviewing for and/or working at one of the Big 4 is way different from his and is why you are put off by what he shared. I have no experience at all lol so Im thankful for anyone willing to offer personal insight that might help me.

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