How to get a job with coding/ how to start a "career"

As the title says, how do I start an actual career with coding. Where do I start?

Well, are you starting from “I have never coded before” or “I am a valued open source contributor across 4 languages and 7 projects but can’t get a job”…or somewhere in between?

Ehmm, the first one, but I want to know that if I am good at coding, how would I get a job or start a career.

Once you are at an employable level, a good way to get work is to build something cool in the technology you are interested in (Node, React, Ember etc) and go to a meetup dedicated to that technology.

There you will meet other devs working in that area and it will eventually open up opportunities for you.

Don’t expect instant success, but getting out in the community will pay off and help you avoid being just another beginner resume in the stack.

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In addition to previous comments, I would also recommend that you extensively work on your visibility and how to stand out from the crowd.
Here an excellent guide ( I am the author)
How to get a job

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