How to get a job?

To everyone who reads this, hello!
For the fifth month now, I have been learning programming on FCC and other platforms. I study and repeat Python, C++ and DB, everything that I studied at the university. I would like to ask readers how you can start looking for a job in the field of development? On what platforms, freelancing or in a company? How best to act to find a decent job as quickly as possible? Any advice is accepted.

Great question! I think it took me a long time to realize that you need to consider two things:

  1. The only way to figure out how to get a job is to ask somebody who got a job in a similar situation as you. If you don’t have a CS degree, any advice given for recent CS grads do not apply to you. If you are trying to get a backend position, ask a current backend dev.

  2. Every individual is at a different place in terms of technical communication, knowledge, coding, resume, interviewing skills, and computer science fundamentals, . It’s very hard to look for general advice in a forum setting because we all need different advice based on these factors. I would try to seek out individuals who are vested in your success who are willing to help you out.

I usually recommend 2 things:

  1. Leveraging your network
  2. “Work backwards”

Leveraging your network
Leveraging your network would mean leveraging whatever personal connections you have to get some kind of “foot in the door” if you can. You could also leverage stuff from your university, from your faculty, peers, or more direct resources like reaching out to the employment center.

If you’re still going to school then this is better as it gives you time to change/expand your network, but if you graduated then you still might have some options. See what you can get and leverage.

**“Work backwards” **

What I mean by this is look at jobs in your area right now and see what they are asking and looking for. Online job sites like indeed, and linkedin usually are an easy way to get an idea of what the job market looks like in your area, which is the main factor to knowing what is the most beneficial to learn.

Learn about what companies are looking for, what they are using and looking for and what they offer. From there you should be able to get an idea of where you stand and where you can go from there.

Hopefully that helps a bit, keep learning, keep growing :+1:


HI @artemhadris !

Welcome to the forum!

I started learning how to code in June 2020 using freeCodeCamp.
I completed the first three certifications and starting building projects on my own.
I then did a little bit of contract work as a part time junior developer.
In early 2022, I applied to a company whose meetups I attended regularly and landed my first full time dev job.

For that whole year and half, I kept learning, building and being active in the dev community.

The job market for entry level developers is really competitive because lots of people want to land a dev job.
My advice is to get active in the community, and start building out a network.

Here are some helpful resources to help land a dev job.

Also, start getting active on twitter.
There are tons of twitter spaces right now geared towards early career devs trying to land a job.
Sit in on a couple of those spaces and start making some connections and learning about the best ways to land a job.

Hope that helps!


Pls i am new here and am just lost here. Can anyone help me through?

Can you be more specific? What are you trying to do? If you have a question not related to this topic, please go to the main screen of the forum and press “+ New Topic” and start a new topic - we’ll be happy to help.

I want to learn programming

There is a button in the upper left, “Visit the Curriculum” - start there.

It’s great that you’ve been learning programming for 5 months now and studying Python, C++, and DB. These are all valuable skills in the field of development. When it comes to finding a job in development, there are a few different avenues you can explore. You can look for jobs on job search platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn, or you can try freelancing on sites like Upwork or Fiverr.