How to get a job?

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I started learning how to code in June 2020 using freeCodeCamp.
I completed the first three certifications and starting building projects on my own.
I then did a little bit of contract work as a part time junior developer.
In early 2022, I applied to a company whose meetups I attended regularly and landed my first full time dev job.

For that whole year and half, I kept learning, building and being active in the dev community.

The job market for entry level developers is really competitive because lots of people want to land a dev job.
My advice is to get active in the community, and start building out a network.

Here are some helpful resources to help land a dev job.

Also, start getting active on twitter.
There are tons of twitter spaces right now geared towards early career devs trying to land a job.
Sit in on a couple of those spaces and start making some connections and learning about the best ways to land a job.

Hope that helps!