How to get better at code?

hye! hope y’all are doing well.Am currently taking the initial courses on freecodecamp and so far its going well.But the only practice and projects am doing are the ones that the website presents.
I just wanted to ask if someone can suggest other routes in order to get better at what knowledge i’ve gained so far from here.I have tried readng books and have visited websites for coding challenges but I would like to listen to the prespective of a mentor regarding this.
Thanks .


Can I be your mentor?


Hey Everyone!
Do you want to get better skills in coding?
For this, you must keep practicing of coding and stay updated with new changes of coding.


That would be an honor Sir !

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I am complementing my learning on freeCodeCamp with learning on

It has great tutorials, a Spaces where you can practice your own set up for HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding. I find it a good complement to my learning here.

Most of my time is spent on freeCodeCamp, though. :slight_smile:
Happy coding!

  • build projects & lots of them with increasing complexities ( checkout frontend mentor )
  • Also checkout exercism
  • Once you build them on you own, look at others solutions for any areas of improvements ?
  • Ask for code review in that community
  • Coding is a life long journey and nobody is perfect, we should aim for better version of self than yesterday.

Mi Amor! I will please the Markup.

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