How to get form value in react form as a value without any data type?

I’m a noob. so the data type is like in string ("") or in number. but just a value.

Actually yes but, no
there are 2 kinds of data types

Primitive Data Types which includes

  1. String
  2. Number
  3. Boolean
  4. Null
  5. Undefined

and the Non-primitive Data Type

  1. Object
  2. Date
  3. Array

Here in this issue I input a number like 10 in my REACT FORM, the value i’m getting is in “10”.
Like I want it to be like NUMBER not in “NUMBER”

Can’t you use casting then? You can use it to change your data types

How to do casting of value in form. Okay let me google it…

Really couldn’t had any luck with how to do the same with form input field value.
Tried the parseInt(someNumberInString)… no effect.

Then what is your code or link to the challenge?

I solved it… done with the issue. Thank you bhaiiiii