How to get ready for potential first JavaScript Assignment?


I might be given the opportunity to participate in a small Javascript project for a local non-profit. (pro-bono).

They know I am just starting but that I am willing and able to dedicate 10-12 hours a week helping them some specific changes. They have indicated they work with Github, which I am a beginner at as well.

I am working my way through Javascript here at FCC, and, believe it or not, I find it easier than CSS!
possibly because I did code if only a bit a few decades ago…

But I digress…

What are things I need to do and set up so I can help them and hit the floor running?
What are things I should be asking them from the technical point of view?
I would imagine they have a ‘test’ environment and then plans to ‘go-live’

I have been a BA for many years, so understanding requirements and preparing them for the developer (hey, that’s me!)is my comfort zone, but the technical aspects I don’t have yet, I have only ‘coded’ Javascript in the FCC challenges and at Codecademy.

Thank you in advance for your assist!!!

This depends on what the project calls for. Are they using a front end library like React or Angular? Sass, CSS, or PostCSS? If you can, take a look at their project and try to get an understanding of the technology involved. Even if it’s all done in vanilla JavaScript, it will pay off to know how the pieces all fit together. Web development is so wild these days, it’s difficult to be well-prepared for any new project.

Thank you!

All I know for now is that they need to change their payment methods.
I am looking at their github and it seems last time anything was touched was around April 2016

What clues can I look for to know if there is any SAAS, Angular, etc. Should I just ask?
And, it is ok to request a walk through if that is possible?

I would just ask what the tech stack is. It’s a reasonable question - they shouldn’t be offended or anything. If there’s a file called package.json, you can take a look at the modules listed inside.

It should be, but it’s not always useful since the person doing the walk through may not understand your background. I would see if you can just look at the code and then come back with questions.

Thank you!

I see it mentions Sails, which I read is a framework for Node.
I also see bootstraps mentioned in other files. Will ask about the tech stack, thank you so much!

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