How to get started on back-end cert without cloud9?

As a newbie to back-end development, how do I get started on this cert without Cloud9 (as this requires credit card info)?

I’ve visited but the instructions located in the “manage packages with npm” challenge don’t help at all with getting started on that website.

What happens if you go here and sign in with GitHub?

This is weird. I sign in with GitHub and I get this message:

I try to login with the account I set up trying to join C9 (which is through AWS since Amazon owns C9 now apparently) and it didn’t recognize the credentials. It says my email isn’t registered with them, but I can login just fine through the original portal which was this:

There also doesn’t seem to be a way to sign up “directly” with C9. I’m stuck.

EDIT: It seems like signups directly through C9 are now closed:

But again, my credentials with AWS don’t seem to work to login through the link you provided.

EDIT2: Following some steps provided by AWS to sign up specifically for C9 just led me to a “enter your credit card info” landing page.

Ok, how about trying to run it locally on your machine?

What do you mean by this? I’m just starting to learn about the back-end of things so I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Run C9 locally? Can you point me to where I can do this or learn how to do this?

Install and run node and mongoDb on your computer.

Thanks. I will do this and report back.