How to get started on this project

I studied pretty hard up to this point but yet when I look at this challenge I feel like I barely know where to start. I am confused about where to use certain elements in HTML like where to put div vs h1 -h6 vs p and those types of things. And some of the different languages are getting scrambled in my head.

Any tips on how to tackle this project? Should I study from other finished projects code or should I try to work it out myself?

I’m talking about the random quote machine project



Which project are you on?

Don’t forget to take breaks! If you’re struggling to wrap your head around something maybe go for a walk.

Start simple. Build a basic framework and then add complexity as you go along. You can always add, remove, or change html elements as you go along. If you create a paragraph and then realize that it should have been a div, just change it. Be patient with yourself and take as much time as it takes.

You didn’t mention which project, but as far as tackling the challenges you need to read the instructions on the projects, also you should have some outside studies how the html functions , remember practice makes the man perfect, don’t be discouraged , you can look and observe other finished projects too, a lot of us learn from each other works, but make sure you are not copying the codes just learn the structure .

It’s the random quote machine so it’s more then just html which is the confusing part

Random quote machine

Ok thank you I am on the random quote machine

Same basic principle applies. Start with simple html and basic functionality. Add complexity slowly. You specifically said that you didn’t know what html elements to use, but it’s fine if you need to change those as you go along. Don’t build the world’s most beautiful html before you start the JavaScript. Build both together, starting simple and adding complexity as you go.