How to get the most possible benefits of studying 5 years of Computer Engineering?

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I’m working toward shifting to software development full stack part, I’m studying Computer Engineering department which is part of Electrical Engineering faculty and still have 3 courses to graduate but unfortunately I didn’t study that hard through university because of working on different side jobs while studying.

I started working seriously to shift soon so I’m doing free code camp and build projects and I planned what to do toward full stack junior position using MERN stack, but I was reading the forum and I found that people who have studied the field may have better luck with getting job faster( not a fact/ not a generalization/ I love self taught developers!), so if this is true, what I have to do to get the most benefits of fact of studying the field for 5 years, and which courses I have to study it again as I didn’t have in-depth knowledge in university?

In addition to which courses I have to study again, as I’m working extensively on projects and technology part I have fears of being confused between these two parts (theory and studying again, technology) so do you think that the courses or material you will suggest will somehow delay the whole process of being ready for job or it’s normal to study them together and no problem with that?

Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it.

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When it comes to the hiring process, hiring managers and companies want to minimize their risk as much as possible.
Hiring new people costs time and money and they don’t want to waste their time hiring someone who isn’t going to work out.

A lot of companies will feel more comfortable hiring someone who has studied for years and received certification from an accredited university. When it comes to self taught you don’t know who is coming in for the interview.

This isn’t to say university grads are automatically superior to self taught developers.
There are plenty of rockstar self taught developers out there.
It is just that companies want to minimize their risk as much as possible so an easy way to do that is look for university grads.

You should focus on finishing up the degree and building projects with some substance to it that you can show off to potential employers.

There is only so much you can learn in university and through online courses.
A lot of the real learning will begin on the job working on real world business applications.

As a junior applicant your job is to convey the message to potential employers that you are up for the challenge and can learn on the job.
By showing them some good projects in addition to your degree they will be willing to take a chance on you and train you on the job.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it so much, I will end the university and build projects, and soon I will post my portfolio for reviewing here, I’m motivated after taking a look on the previous portfolios which shared here!

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