How to get the scrollbar in the lessons wider?

Over and over, I have issues on my laptop, using a touchpad, scrolling up and down (skinny scrollbar in center) on the html &/css content (they are on the left side of screen, so right-handed scrolling of their contents is in center)

Is there some easy setting to make it a little wider, as it can be hard to ‘grab’:

Hello there,

Currently, there are no settings you can change to affect the size of the scrollbar.

For a quick solution, I would download a browser extension where you can apply CSS to specific pages/domains. Example: Dark Reader

Then, you could use CSS like:

.visible.scrollbar.vertical, .visible.scrollbar.vertical > .slider {
  width: 15px;

Hope this helps

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Thanks I’ll give it a try in the next day or so; will post how it goes for anyone else that may have the issue in the future