How to get the sort of UI look from this website (Note: Not asking for plagiarism)

Hi. This portfolio website really caught my attention and I’d like to build a portfolio website for myself that has the same UI quality. I’m pretty new to FCC so this question might piss some off.

That particular profile is actually a popular template… fair warning, Ive seen it soooo many times for portfolios, that if you really want your portfolio to stand out, try to at least do something to customize it so that it doesnt look exactly like the 243,523,435 other portfolios out there (lol okay maybe not that many…it just feels like I see it everywhere :laughing: )

Anyway, you can find the theme here

By the way, there is nothing at all wrong with seeing something you like and recreating it. Thats actually how I got started…I would just look around at websites, find one I liked the design of, then set out to completely recreate the website from scratch. Oft times Id like the general layout of one site, the navigation on another, the colour scheme of another etc, and then using tutorials would figure out how to create and put all those parts together.

Now, straight up just copying code, then claiming you designed it…that would be pretty lame… but the thing about recreating it yourself, that I have found anyway…is whenever I start out saying I like that site, let me try and recreate it…by the time Im done my site looks completely different…so Im inspired by the layout and design of sites, but I dont straight up take code and claim it as mine.

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you can also install css peeper to see the css used on any site -