How to get the User ID in Twitch API

In order to obtain the information necessary to complete the twitch project, we need the ID of users. However I don’t understand how to obtain this ID. Can someone show/explain please?

I was able to get the information needed with a combination of /streams/STREAMER_NAME and /users/STREAMER_NAME.


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One URL you can use is “”.
You can use multiple names by seperating them by a comma. “?login=name1,name2,name3”

This will return a JSON object of an array containing users if getting multiple names in one request.

Works great! Thanks mate!

How was I supposed to get that url?

The FCC challenge says I should use

You can replace the “ part with and add on the rest of the url as per normal. These I believe can be found somewhere deep in the twitch API docs, but I wasn’t sure where exactly to find them.

Yes but what works is and what FCC says I should use is

eventually the gomix one redirects me to but one doesn’t work and the other one does…

Huh… I never noticed that. The major difference in that the GOMIX one appears to require a proxy server (I used heroku) which has a limited number of calls that you can use per day, whereas the glitch one does not. Use the glitch one.

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Yeah I do now, thank you :smiley:

Yup. I was redirected, but never really noticed. But what I usually do with API-based apps is play with the url endpoints (in combination with reading the docs as best I can) until I see the data I want and then copy/paste that url into my app.

Glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile:

Finally got that god forsaken app working

Thanks Davec ! you make my day !!!