How to get Thumbnail images of Books

Is it possible to get thumbnail images from the internet of some specific books ? I searched a lot but every time the PDF file of Books appear.
1-Eloquent JavaScript
2-You Don’t know JS yet By kyle Simpson
3-Clean code by Robert C. Martin

I don’t get it.

Search for the book title, click the Images tab on the search result, pick an image you are allowed to use.

I did the same But which option should i opt after clicking on image?

Right-click the image and use “Open in new tab” or “View Image” or whatever it is called in your browser. Then save the image or copy the URL.

I follow your instruction but the URL is so so Long.

You can search for thumbnail pictures in Google for any book you want and then just save picture.

Or just take a screenshot and use your own image.

… that will also work :slight_smile:

That’s not a URL, that’s the image itself in the Google search results, base64 encoded. You can’t hotlink directly from it, that’s the point.

Click on the image you want in the list of results. It will popup to the side along with some details about it in a box, like where it’s hosted etc. Right click on that image, view image, that’ll give you the URL. You’re trying to hotlink stuff, so caveat emptor.

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