How to get typography details from jpg file?

I’ve received a jpg file and need to develop website based on it.

Is there a way to get typography details from this jpg file ? I need to know dimensions, font etc.

I tried importing jpg file into the figma but it doesn’t reveal all the details.

Please clarify how to proceed in this scenario ?


If it is a client and there was a designer, I would just ask. It is their job to communicate that.

A JPG file is just an image - it doesn’t contain font details, just image data.

There are sites like WhatTheFont that will try to guess the font. I’m sure there are other packages too.

There are forums of design people that may be able to look and know.

I’ve seen sites that will help you narrow it down by asking you questions - but some of those may require some understanding of typography terminology.

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  1. Download the image where you’ve seen the font you want to identify.
  2. Open Adobe Photoshop on your computer and open the image using the app.
  3. Use the Rectangular marquee tool (you can access this by pressing M) and draw a rectangle around the font you want to identify.
  4. Now from the toolbar select Type > Match Font .
  5. You can now either pick from the fonts already installed on your computer or download matching ones from the Web.
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