How to had more hours to your day...literally

Hi everyone.This is going to be a quick one.
For those who literally need more hours in a day (and actually
willing to do something about it)…listen to this:

today its my first attempt. I wish us all luck :slight_smile:

personally, i would advice to first listen to those 2 podcasts before trying to find out more about this all this since the idea my seems to extreme and put some of you off.

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Can you give us a TL;DR? Is it just taking lots of short naps throughout the day rather than sleeping in one 7-9 hour block?

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TL;DR this please.

I heard about Polyphasic Sleep before. I don’t think it’s maintainable for most people, so I wouldn’t recommend this.

As an alternative, I would suggest people learn pareto’s principle.

its depends on your life style.

i’m going to start with

  • sleeping for 3.5 at 22:00 / 23:00
  • taking a 20-25min nap at 6:45. sometimes i’ll be at the office like 20min earlier so i might get the chance to close my eyes for a little bit.
  • another 20min on lunch time (12:00-14:00)

if i’ll stick to it, i’ll get back ~5 (life bonus) days every month :open_mouth:

I wanted to give polyphasic sleeping a try but not every job let’s you nap for 30 minutes. I wish I had a job where I could nap for 30 minutes, hey! Maybe if I finish FCC course I’ll find a dev job that will allow me :slight_smile: . Also I have read studies saying polyphasic sleep being unhealthy in the long run.

im sure you get more than 30min break per day.
also it doesn’t have to be extreme. even if you sleep 5-6 hours you got yourself 2-3 hours extra every day!

If you are not willing to go into extreme, try lighter version first (from xkcd):

Up front, I haven’t listened to the podcast so maybe this is just misconstrued. If polyphasic sleeping is what they were talking about then I would be very careful. If you aren’t you could screw up your health. Before doing it, look to see if there is any empirical research out there on it. Another source to look into is what Piotr Wozniak has wrote.

thanks, but when i hear something that align with my belief and i can sens truth and genuine(/ity?)
then i tend to jump head first. yes, i’ve been wrong before but thats not a reason to stop :slight_smile:

you should give this podcast a try.
this guy is doing it for over a month (at the time of recording)
and he mentions someone else who have done the extreme version for 7 years!
the reason why people stops is mostly because social pressure.

I think it’s important to have a healthy dose of skepticism whenever someone is making bold claims as Travis does in this podcast (don’t get me wrong I love Travis and his channel). That being said I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with experimenting for a month to see how it goes. If you feel shitty, just stop and if you feel great, keep on going. In my opinion the only way to know if it is a healthy choice for you or not is to try it and listen to your body after you have had a week or two to adjust.

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*the damn thing wont let me post anything less than 20 words :stuck_out_tongue: *

wait, wait… is this the “naps” thing from seinfeld? (dating yourself is awesome)

I’ve heard the podcast and even though I would love to have a whole extra month I don’t think it’s healthy at all. My point of view is that we need the deep stage of sleep to really reboot our mind and heal our bodies (it’s while we sleep when all this happens). And it takes 2 hours to get to that stage, so I think in the long term it could harm you. I didn’t do a proper research, but you could try to look for scientific articles about this topic first.

Anyway if you’re decided to do it I’ll be subscribed to this thread to know about your experience. Good luck

Why not just get yourself used to sleeping four or five hours a night and leave it at that? :smiley:

I’ve read about this and IIRC it requires a pretty rigid schedule, doesn’t it? I could never stick to it.

I think as a society, we put too much pressure on ourselves to “do more”. At the end of the day, your body needs a certain amount of sleep and that’s that. If you have a completely open schedule, I would try just going to bed whenever I’m tired and waking up when I wake up. Don’t pressure yourself to conform to society’s schedule and you should end up sleeping exactly as long as your body wants/needs.

I remember reading an interesting article a while ago that said we aren’t made for sleeping 8 hours in a row like we do. Apparently, before the industrial age, people went to bed when it got dark, woke up for two or three hours in the middle of the night and talked (if they were married, I guess) and then went back to bed. The article suggested this was perhaps the most “natural” sleep cycle, but I don’t remember the details.

edit: found a link here.

just for reference