How to handle api data for ecommerce store

Hi guys! So my question boils down to what is the best way to handle api product data for an ecommerce store. Would pulling all the data from the api for all products into a local database be better than making an individual api call to iterate through each result page on a button click (ex. next page button). If anyone had any input I would greatly appreciate it. To give some insight into the project there are at least 2-3 distributors each with their own api, and some have up to 200,000 products.

I think you definitely want a route to ask for the details of individual products, or maybe a route to ask for a set of products (like in a stringified array, or whatever). You don’t want to download 20k products every time. You just want to download what they are look for. And if you are paginating through the data, maybe download the next page while they are looking at the current one might be a nice touch. Waiting 1/10th of a second for the next 20 results is going to be better than waiting for all that data to download, imho.