How to have the same colour for all texts in HTML document?


I am doing a tribute page project (part of getting Front End Development Certificate). I would like to have the same text colour for all texts. I do this on CodePen. It seems to have some ready colour/default colour (some kind of grey?), which comes automatically, but I don’t know the name of that colour (for example its RGB code).

How could I put the same colour for all texts, which is as a default colour?

I have embedded couple of links there, and the name of those links could still be on blue.

Defining the body with color: red for example will give this color to almost all elements. Then for the anchors you should have to do it again, this is because most of the elements have defined color as inherit taking it from its parent but an anchor has blue by definition.

Other possibility it would be to use a css reset, giving all elements the same behavior like inherit.

body { color: red } a { color: red }

Hope it helps!!

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