How to improve html part of website performance

I know using Cloudlfare cache and CDN improves things, but is there another way to further improve html document page load aside from caching? I was looking into content vissiblity… but it has too many issues.

Hello User,
Apart from cloudflare and caching if you wanted to know, then these are some measures.

  • Clean up HTML so it is concise
  • Compress HTML server-side
  • Use non-standard optimizations as needed

Moreover, use a stylesheet instead of inline styles in the document’s header. There is no need to declare the type attribute, so that the reference to the external stylesheet looks like this:

Apart from these measures, follow the given pointers too.

  • Make sure critical rendering files are available early
  • Make sure the files are loaded in the correct order
  • Asynchronously load render-blocking scripts
  • Include essential tags and valid markup

All in all, Minimize your HTML code by removing unnecessary white spaces, comments, and line breaks. This reduces the file size and accelerates download times.
Limit the number of external resources, such as CSS, JavaScript, and images, to minimize the number of HTTP requests required to render a page.
Optimize your server configuration. Utilize HTTP/2 for better multiplexing and parallel loading of resources.
Optimize your CSS and JavaScript files. Minify, compress, and concatenate them to reduce file sizes

Working on these points will surely improve in website performance apart from just caching.

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It’s context-specific. What are you loading, how are you loading it, what is the server having to do to load it etc. It’s difficult to give an answer because the key reason could be one of a million things, would need quite a bit more info

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Thanks for the answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

would need quite a bit more info

Very true indeed, well I wished there was some new rule like content vissibility that could help in this area, but yes I’d rather point out the techs used or a website example.

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