How to improve in coding

I have my Ph.D. in Industrial and systems engineering and since I started my Ph.D. I fell in love with computer science. unfortunately, No one in the department I studied liked to help students through cross-disciplinary courses. Whatever I learn was by myself.

Now I want to work on computer science and data science seriously being a software developer. However, I am very slow. I interpret the codes but I get lost in the middle of it. I want to participate in boot camps but I have no idea which the best for me! I lost many opportunities to work in very dream tach companies.
Please help me through this. Thank you very much

I am relatively new the front end world although I have been in tech for a long time. It doesn’t sound like you have settled on a career. I would do that first and then figure out which languages and skills you need to get that job. Since January I considered 3 disciplines. After doing aptitude tests, researching the careers and interviewing people in the fields I have a good deal of focus.

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