How to improve portfolio and resumé?

Hi, folks.

Background: I’m a career musician looking to make the move to software/web development in my mid-30s. I have no degree and only the experience I’ve been able to give myself through online classes/tutorials, freeCodeCamp, and building projects. I wrote my first line of code, (HTML, anyway), on May 24 of last year.

I feel at this point like my skill set is finally developed to the point that I can be of value to an employer, and I’ve started my job search in earnest. I started putting in applications about a month ago, and I just sent my 50th one today. So far I’ve had:
7 immediate "No"s
3 notifications of closed listings from Indeed
39 no-replies
1 reply, for which I’ve had 2 interviews, 2 application re-submissions, 2 skills assessments, and still haven’t spoken to anyone in the tech department.

It’s pretty clear I’m doing something wrong here, and I’m hoping some generous soul could give me some pointers on what I could be doing better vis-a-vis my resumé and portfolio website.

My resumé (minus phone and email): Resumé
My portfolio: Portfolio

Thanks for your help!

Hi Brian,

You’ve got the right information on your resume, but I would condense to about 50% of the words.

Your pinned projects on Github might be good, they seem to be full stack which is impressive. But I don’t know because I didn’t see any readmes for the first two. But I’m checking on mobile. If I’m not a tech person, e.g. I’m HR, I can’t tell what your projects are/do just by looking at the Github.

Portfolio site looks good on mobile. Again, maybe too much info before the projects. Are you using Google Analytics? If so, you might see an increase in visits when you apply for jobs, which I found encouraging.

I don’t see any LinkedIn on your resume or portfolio. I think that is a big missed opportunity, since some ridiculous 90% (don’t know exact numbers) of HR vet applicants on LinkedIn.

Feel free to connect with me, you’ve come super far already. Now you’re on the job search, which is it’s own beast.

I was applying in the US for about 3 weeks before I got a job offer. But I had some practice interviewing and applying already while in China.

Are you writing cover letters? Again don’t know the numbers exact, but it’s like 70% of HR want to see a cover letter, but only 30% read them. IE easy, relatively low risk way to stick yourself at the top of the resume pile.

And where are you applying? Job board site? Without optimizing your resume more, you might be getting seeded out by ATSs before you ever reach a human. That’s why I emailed my cover letter and resume to SOMEONE, anyone at the company, in addition to filling out the online application. Sometimes it was the CEO because I couldn’t find anyone else.